Digitalize your trade

Pivot Systems offers innovative solutions for our customers needs. We have happy clients in a wide range of industrial Spectrum.  We are here to digitalize your dreams. Here are a few domains that we provide our assistance on. 

Our Services

Cloud-Based Solutions

We provide cloud services and solutions spanning the entire digital spectrum. Our dedicated team of researchers, technology experts and domain experts in cloud practices, will help you leverage your enterprise on the cloud.

Health Service Solutions

Pivot Systems is proud to say that we have been providing state of the art solutions for healthcare solutions that have been acclaimed globally.

Digital support for logistics and inland cargo services

We have been supporting inland cargo traffic of many international logistics services and brands, through our most efficient software solutions.

Mobility Solutions

From mid-2000s’ pivot has been active in mobility solutions.  Our expertise in every platform or operating systems enabled us to deliver numerous client applications which we are proud to say that it not only met their expectations but exceeded them.

Speech and IVR Solutions

Interactive voice recognition systems have become an integral part of every business out there and we are a leading firm in that domain with clients and experience of over 22 years.


Quality Assurance

We have been providing high-end quality assurance services on demand for the past decade to an array of global clients.

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